New Functions of Thermomix TM6

This YouTube (175 K views!)  was published in March, 2019 and after that the software system of TM6 has been updated a few times already, but it is a good in depth review of Thermomix TM6:  she mentioned fermentation mode (yogurt mode), which may be misleading (the temperature should be lower). Good that she pointed out!

Proving yeast bread (or yeasted bread) is never tried by me or my wife before. Maybe we should try that out sometimes. For those people who are used to Fahrenheit system,  please note that Sophia is using Celsius system  when she mentioned 180 degree is required for deep fry function which TM6 may not provide for safety reason. The highest TM6 can go is 160 degrees. She did say deep fry is NOT healthy and we should do it too often anyway.  “The cool thing is the fry mode exist! ”  A lot more exciting functions she mentioned at her own Thermomix blog.

Basic Initial Review:

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