South Florida Asian Americans Learn Safety Tips May 29th, 2007

[Miami, Florida – May 29, 2007] OCA-South Florida Chapter and United Chinese Association of Florida joined forces and held an informative Crime Prevention Community Forum with support of North Miami Beach Police Department after the shooting death of Ray Ng in his family’s Chinese Restaurant in Tamarac on Mother’s Day.


On Monday, 5/21/2007, more than 40 people attended the Forum to learn safety tips on how to protect oneself before, during and after a robbery. The most important messages are to stay calm, not to have any direct contact with the intruder, never resist but follow the intruder’s instructions and how to be a good witness. The two-hour session, given by Thomas Carney, Director of Police Service – Crime Prevention Unit of North Miami Beach Police Department, was translated into Cantonese.


Roger Ni, OCA-South Florida Chapter member, gave a presentation on a close circuit television security system for better protection of business property and individual safety. “Besides learning techniques how to protect ourselves, it would be better to have a good security system to protect our property as well as ourselves so that the intruder may think twice before robbing the business with security system,” stated Roger Ni.


“Due to the sad circumstance, I am pleased to see the Chinese community comes together to take a proactive action to learn about crime prevention with our police department,” said Chief Linda Loizzo of North Miami Beach Police Department. “This is the first time that we are hosting this program with the Asian American community.”


“After this meeting, you must remember two important tips – to stay calm and never resist,” instructed by Officer Thomas Carney, Director Police Service – North Miami Beach Police Department. “This may save your life because the intruder is as scare as you are. Any sudden movement or action may trigger the intruder to fire his gun.”


“It is important for us to know our policemen and learn the basic safety tips so we can protect ourselves,” stated Winnie Tang, President of OCA-South Florida Chapter. “We need to build a strong partnership between the business community and law enforcement for a safer environment to live and work. We are glad that the North Miami Beach Police Department is open to provide services to the community. A Thai restaurant owner felt so positive and useful that she will schedule a training for her employees to learn how to protect themselves and the business.”

SAFETY TIPS (Source: North Miami Beach Police Department)What to do before, during and after a robbery.Before• Make sure your business is well lit on the inside and outside.

• Make sure your windows are clear so you can see in from the outside.

• At night leave your cash register open so people can see there is nothing in it.

• Keep ruler tape or some form of measurement gauge on the door to estimate the height of the intruder.

During• Never resist, don’t scream or do anything that will call attention.

• Only talk to answer the robber’s questions.

• Pay close attention to details of the intruder.

• Stay calm.

After• Call police immediately.

• Do not disturb the crime scene.

• Write down everything you remember about the intruder immediately.

• Try to separate the witnesses so that each has his own story of what happened.


Crime Prevention Community Forums to minimize loss of life May 17th, 2007

[Miami, Florida – May 17, 2007] OCA-South Florida Chapter, Coral Springs Chinese Cultural Association and other Asian organizations are distressed to hear the news of a Chinese restaurant owner, Wai ‘Ray’ Ng, being killed by a robber Sunday evening, 5/13, at his family’s Tamarac restaurant.

As a result of this tragedy, OCA-South Florida Chapter and Coral Springs Chinese Cultural Association join forces with the North Miami Beach Police Department and Coral Springs Police Department to hold two Crime Prevention Community Forums to address the issues of protecting oneself when a crime occurs and how to minimize potential risks of a crime.

The two forums are as follows:

Date:              Monday, 5/21/2007

Time:              2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Presenter:       North Miami Beach Police Department

Location:         Ronald A. Silver Youth Enrichment Services (YES) Center

                      Room 6 and 7

                      17051 NE 19 Avenue

                      North Miami Beach, FL 33162


Date:           Tuesday, 5/22/2007

Time:           2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Presenter:   Coral Springs Police Department

Location:     Coral Springs Chinese Cultural Association

                  Chinese Community Center (Ramblewood Plaza)

                   8343 W Atlantic Blvd

                  Coral Springs, FL 33071

“This kind of robbery happens to the Thai community as well,” says Khanya Moolsiri, President of Thai-American Association of South Florida. “It is good to give workshops on crime prevention so our community will know how to handle this kind of situation and minimize any loss of life.”

“The killing was totally senseless and a young promising life snuffed out like a candle,” says Afonso Wong, President of Coral Springs Chinese Cultural Association. “We are glad that the Coral Springs Police Department will join us to give tips on how to minimize potential risks of being robbed.”

“It is a tragedy to see a friend killed in such cold blood and a hardworking family broken up. Over the years, we have heard many of these rubbery incidents targeting restaurant owners, not only Chinese but also Thai restaurants and others,” states Winnie Tang, Chapter President of OCA-South Florida Chapter. “It is very important to address the safety issue faced by Chinese restaurants and retail merchants. We are gratified that Chief Linda Loizzo, North Miami Beach Police Department, will change her schedule to work with us right away to give a presentation on crime prevention to minimize any potential risks to our community.”

The Chinese community will also collect donations to be used as part of a “wanted” reward to catch Wai ‘Ray’ Ng’s killer. Anyone interested in a donation, please issue a check payable to “CSCCA” and memo “For Ray” and mail to CACCA – 8343 W Atlantic Blvd., Coral Springs, FL 33071.

Supporting organizations: United Chinese Association of Florida, On Leong Chinese Merchant Association, Florida Chinese Federation, Thai-American Association of Florida, Korean American Business Association, NANAY, Inc., among others.

For more information, please call CSCCA at 954-753-4388 or Winnie Tang, OCA-South Florida Chapter, at 305-753-8791 or visit OCA-South Florida webpage:


An Immigrant’s “Mother’s Day Card” Campaign May 11th, 2007
[Miami, FL – May 11, 2007] OCA-South Florida Chapter is joining local immigrant groups to urge Senator Mel Martinez for his support on comprehensive immigration reform bill with a “Mother’s Day Card” campaign to plea “family separate no more”.
On May 7, about 20 local civil, faith based and immigrant organizations met at Miami Interethnic Dialogue event hosted by Church World Service – Miami.  This is one of a national series of interethnic dialogues scheduled nationwide through mid-July. The dialogue is intended to give a broad cross section of participants from immigrant and U.S.-born communities and the business, labor, social services, government and faith communities a forum in which to speak out, listen to each other, and generate unified community action on this critical topic.
Attended organizations are Catholic Charities, Church World Service, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Esperanza USA, Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, Florida Immigrant Coalition, Human Services Coalition of Dade County, Interfaith Worker Justice-South Florida, International Organization for Migration, Killian Pines United Methodist Church, Miami Baptist Association, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National Farm Worker Ministry, Organization of Chinese Americans-South Florida Chapter, People Acting for Community Together, United Methodist Church-Southeast District, We Count!, and Youth Co-Op.
Through the May 7 Dialogue, the community groups seek common ground to unite all immigrants for a better immigration policy.
During the dialogue, each local community has its own significant issues and concerns.
The Haitian community seeks for a better TPS (Temporary Protection Status) policy so their fellowmen would not risk their lives.
The Islamic community is experiencing unreasonable long waiting period to be sworn-in. They are filing a class-action lawsuit against this unfair treatment.
The immigrant youth group is concerned about funding cuts to KidCare with a negative impact on American-born children of undocumented parents or low-income families.
The agricultural and farm workers is worry about insurance and long waiting time for worker permits.
The Asian community supports policy that helps eliminate backlog of immediate family-based immigrants and will increase the number of visas available to immediate family members of residents.
In summarized of the May 7 Dialogue, all come together support the Congress and Senate should pass a comprehensive immigration reform policy without any delay for this session such as The Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy or “STRIVE Act” of 2007, is a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill (HR 1645) that was introduced by U.S. House Representatives Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ).
Despite each community’s issues, we heard many stories that undocumented parent got picked up and family got broke up across the country.
From this weekend, Mother’s Day, through Father’s Day, we urge you to participate at this “Mother’s Day Card – an Immigrant’s plea to keep family together” campaign to support a comprehensive immigration reform policy.
“OCA is a national organization dedicated in advancing the social, economic and political well-being of Asian Pacific Americans. We have working very closed with locally and national groups on this comprehensive immigration reform policy so we will help form policies and not be dictated by passed policies,” said Winnie Tang, OCA-South Florida Chapter President.
For more information on the next dialogue in your city, please visit website:
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US Senator Mel Martinez’s (Florida) offices   

United States Senate
356 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Main: (202) 224-3041
Fax: (202) 228-5171
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Book Release: Beyond Julia’s Daughters, 1975-2000 May 10th, 2007

    [Miami, FLMay 10, 2007OCA South Florida Chapter is proud to support Women’s History Coalition of Miami-Dade County to promote the unveiling of Beyond Julia’s Daughters 1975-2000.

   The book release, Beyond Julia’s Daughters 1975-2000, will be held at 6:30 pm on Thursday, May 10, 2007, at Books & Books Coral Gables – 265 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables FL (305-567-9443).

    Come and meet the publisher, authors, and some of these remarkable women.  You may be pleasantly surprised to find someone you know!

    Miami is the only major U.S. city to have been founded by a woman.  Julia DeForest Tuttle (1848-1898), a Clevelander, was a businesswoman and citrus farmer who was largely responsible for, and the original owner of, the land upon which the city of Miami, Florida, was built.  For this reason, she is called the Mother of Miami.  She first saw southern Florida in 1875 when she visited her father, who had moved there as a homesteader.  After Tuttle’s husband died in 1886, she decided to move to South Florida as well.  Arriving in 1891, she bought several hundred acres on the bank of the Miami River.  To a friend, she announced that “it is the dream of my life to see this wilderness turned into a prosperous country.”  She knew that the area, then called Bay Biscayne, would never be anything but a sleepy backwater unless it was accessible by railroad.  She eventually convinced railroad executive Henry M. Flagler of the area’s vast potential and persuaded him to extend his Florida East Coast Railroad to Miami in 1896.  In exchange, Flagler received hundreds of acres of land from Tuttle and the other major property holders in the region, the Brickells.  That same year the city of Miami was incorporated.

   “This is a very valuable book, capturing 327 remarkable women who have made significant achievements and contributions to our community,” said Winnie Tang, President of OCA – South Florida Chapter and past recipient of Women of Impact XVII 2005.  “I am proud to be part of this valuable Herstory along with all these great women in making our own history –  a must own contemporary history of our time.”

    The first issue of Herstory books, Julia’s Daughters, 1513-1975, is also available in either soft cover or hard cover.

    For more information and order of both books, please contact Herstory Committee of Women’s History Coalition Miami-Dade County at 305-567-9443.

                                                                         # # #